Trust in us


1- Experience:

We began breeding chinchillas in April 1990. Like many other new ranchers we set up our little ranch, which consisted of 25 females and 5 males, in the attic.

The following spring we moved into a basement, which some kind friends had lent us, and ever since we’ve kept our farm in an artificially lighted basement with air conditioning all year round, we’ve taken advantage of the balance in temperature which exists in basements.

Our business grew non-stop, and in 1993 we had to build a new place to house the new animals which had outgrown the basement.

Finally we decided to make another basement for 1000 cages which the objective of raising only very high quality chinchillas.

During 2000 and 2001, we renovated two containers, 40-foot long (12 meters), these were intended for different kind of animals.

These containers have the advantage of being independent units, while you`re working in one of them you don’t disturb the animals in the other one, if a problem crops up you just solve it without bothering the chinchillas. Besides they’re versatile and removable.

Our ranch is registered, so we have a permit to import and also export our products. It is compulsory for ranches to register their products at Fauna Pcia. de Buenos Aires and at SENASA to allow you to sell at national level.

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2- Expertise:

 The university of Buenos Aires and the faculty of Agronomy advised us how to deal with genetics, food, forage, etc. synthetically they gave us their most valuable expertise. And as one of the most prestigious professors said they gave us     “the key to the library” which allowed us to understand everything better and make good use of our knowledge.

 At this moment we’re proud to offer our customers the best of the best of our production.

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3 - Quality:

The beauty we admire in chinchillas, and its outward appearance is determined by its phenotype.

The phenotypes are the visible properties of an organism that are produced by the interaction of the genotype and the environment.

Our priority is to improve that genotype, so it becomes everyday better. To achieve this objective we keep on importing animals (or better said" genes”) we need, to improve quality.

Therefore we’re aware that we have to be very strict when we choose animals for breeding. Only the best will do. The ones which don’t meet with the requirements will have to be culled or perhaps we’ll have to alter our cross-breeding methods.

If we check the quality of the production of each female, we’ll have to keep a record of the quality and number of kits they bring forth in a year.

 All the steps we have mentioned before will lead us to achieve the type of chinchilla we are devoting all our energy and effort to obtain: very dark, with a soft downy appearance, long, dense hair, good bellies, etc., in short, the strict requirements of the fur market.

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4- Seriousness and reliability

Seriousness, reliability and quality, are three words that conjoin to define our patterns of behavior

  The chinchillas we have in breeding are all top quality, the ones that aren’t, are left for pelting, and will be put under observation to find out what their parents were like.

 Our prestige as chinchilla ranchers depends largely on our performance as breeders. The respect of our competitors is something we don’t underestimate.

 The chinchillas we have available for sale, have all been born and raised on our ranch; this allows us to guarantee that the breeders we have for sale are young and virgin.

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We educate our would-be ranchers personally and make it our business to see that they succeed in their enterprise. We never lose sight of them and try to keep in touch with them in case they need advice.


 We’d like to tell our visitors from the other provinces that they’ll find our chinchilla Ranch in Alberti. Highway N°5 Km.189. welcome.