Our Male Breeders 

These are only a sample of the breeders we have on our ranch.

If youd like to assess quality personally just make an appointment and visit us, well be very glad to see you.

Only high quality animals can produce first class pelts. Its impossible to expect high prices if your chinchillas are low quality.

Its important that the animals be very dark, large, with a very good build. The fur must be long and very dense, not liable to falling out. The belly has to be white.

If your chinchillas have these characteristics you can surely obtain the best value for your pelts.

Managing a chinchilla ranch can be a very pleasant experience, but we must strive hard to obtain the highest quality of our breeders. This is our priority. If this were not the case we would be breeding inferior quality chinchillas which would cost us the same expense but the profit would be very poor.

If you follow this advice, you can count on a successful start.  Before purchasing chinchillas, try to inspect them yourself, checking build, color, size, length of hair, etc.

We shall instruct new chinchilla breeders, so they be successful in breeding, and the rancher will become his guide and adviser, so if nothing fails he will obtain the best results.